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AMEX Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Department phone number at American Express Merchant Services is 1-800-528-5200.

Are there any PCI compliance fees?

With a PhoneSwipe account there are no PCI compliance fees charged to the you “the merchant”.

Are there any transaction or monthly volume limits?

We don’t have limits like some of our competitors do. When you sign up for a PhoneSwipe account you establish your own limits for monthly sales and transaction amounts. As long as the numbers you provide are reasonable they will typically accepted. For example, if you sell t-shirts and you enter that you sell $5000 per month with a transaction limit of $250 you’ll be fine. However, if you say your transaction limit is $10,000, you’re going to have to explain why you’re selling $10,000 of t-shirts in a single transaction. If you end up exceeding the limits you’ve set, they can be adjusted upwards after you’ve been with us for a few months.

Can I use PhoneSwipe in Puerto Rico?

No. At this time you cannot accept credit cards with PhoneSwipe in Puerto Rico.

Does PhoneSwipe work in Canada?

At this time, PhoneSwipe does not work in Canada.

How do I change the bank account associated with my account?

To change the bank account associated with your phoneswipe account, please call customer support and request a bank account change form. Once you receive it, fill it out and fax back to the # located on the form. The change is typically completed within 48 hours.

How do I update my address?

To change your address, please call customer support and request an address change form. Once you receive it, fill it out and fax back to the # located on the form. The change is typically completed within 48 hours.

How long does it take to receive funds from my transactions?

When you use PhoneSwipe your funds are automatically deposited into your bank account within one to three business days after you run the transaction. For example, if you run a transaction on a Monday, your funds will normally be in your bank account on Wednesday morning.

If I want to call in for support who will I be talking to?

Our customer support number gives you the option to talk to technical support or customer service. The phone number to call is 1-877-387-5629.

Is there an early termination fee?

There are no early termination fees for PhoneSwipe merchant accounts. You can close your account at any time without penalty.

What is a retrieval fee?

Often grouped in with chargeback fees, retrieval fees occur when a merchant’s customer requests a copy of the transaction receipt for a purchase. They don’t necessarily also dispute the charge (when a chargeback would occur) but rather request the receipt from the processor if the merchant for whatever reason can’t provide it.

This fee is a throwback to previous technology which did not permit copies of receipts to be stored online…now if a customer requests a receipt, it’s as easy as looking up the transaction in your PhoneSwipe app and resending a copy of the receipt.

Retrieval fee charges are extremely rare, and do not occur in tandem with chargeback fees.

Where do I go to login to the PhoneSwipe Portal?

You can login here: PhoneSwipe Merchant Portal

Can I accept HSA payments through PhoneSwipe?

Updated Info on this topic coming soon.  Please check back or call customer service at 1-877-387-5629

Can I use one PhoneSwipe device for multiple businesses?

Yes, you can set up multiple businesses inside the PhoneSwipe app.  For more information on how to add multiple businesses, please call customer service at 1-877-387-5629.

Can I use this merchant account to process credit cards on my computer?

No. The PhoneSwipe system is only available for use on approved iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

However, has excellent low rate programs for merchants who process over $2,000.00/mo in credit card transactions that can be used on all your devices!

go to or call them at (224) 677-0283

Does PhoneSwipe have online reporting available?

Yes, PhoneSwipe does have a merchant portal with extensive transaction reporting. You can find the website here: Please note that this website is best viewed using the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (version 7 or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

To set up your access to this site you’ll need to have a PhoneSwipe account and set up your login credentials here:

PhoneSwipe Portal Register

How do I change my business name?

To change your business name, please call customer support and request a business name change form.  Once you receive it, fill it out and fax back to the # located on the form.  The change is typically completed within 48 hours.

Is there a minimum transaction amount I must meet?

There is a minimum of 1 credit card transaction per month to maintain the “No Monthly Fee” status. If you process no transactions in a given month, there is a small $3.99 monthly fee assessed.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a customer of a merchant calls the bank that issued their credit card to force a return of funds. When this occurs the funds are immediately withdrawn from the merchant’s bank account and an investigation takes place to see if the transaction is legitimate. If the transaction is determined to be legitimate the funds are returned to the merchant. If the transaction cannot be confirmed a chargeback fee is assessed to the merchant. With PhoneSwipe that fee is $15.

The good news is that since you are using PhoneSwipe, you capture the customer’s signature and a map showing where the transaction took place. As a result it is highly unlikely you will ever pay a chargeback fee while using PhoneSwipe.

Who do I call for help with chargebacks?

Please call the Chargeback Department at (800) 367-2638.

PhoneSwipe App

Can I accept Flex Card payments on PhoneSwipe?

In order to be able to accept Flex Card payments you have to be a member of Sigis. You can learn more on their site here:

One your approved by them, let us know and we’ll get you set up to accept Flex Cards on PhoneSwipe.

Can I make some items taxable and others non-taxable?

Yes you sure can.

With PhoneSwipe, you can create individual items in Inventory Managment for various services and products. When you create an item, you have the ability to choose whether or not the item is taxable.

Can I pre-authorize a transaction on PhoneSwipe?

Yes you can. On the home screen in the PhoneSwipe application there is a “Pre-Auth” button. You would select that button and enter in the details of the transaction. Later on, you can go back into the app, find your pre-authorized transaction, and complete it.

Note: A pre-authorization is good for five to seven days and results in funds for the amount of the pre-authorization not being available to your customer for that amount of time.

Can I process a transaction outside of the United States?

No. Currently all credit card transactions must be in the United States.

Do I have to swipe the credit card to run a transaction?

No you don’t. You can key in a credit card number by hand and then submit the transaction. Just keep in mind if you run a transaction this way the rate will be 3.49% + $.19

Do I need an internet connection to use PhoneSwipe?

To use PhoneSwipe you’ll need your smartphone or smartdevice (iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry) to be connected to WIFI or 3G/4G wireless service. However, the PhoneSwipe app does allow you to store and forward swiped transactions that occur when you have no Internet connectivity. Then once you do have a connection you can submit those transactions.

Does PhoneSwipe allow merchants to accept EBT (food stamp) payments?

No, PhoneSwipe does not allow EBT or food stamp transactions at this time.

How do pre-authorizations work with PhoneSwipe?

A PRE-AUTHORIZATION allows you to prepare a SALE, placing a hold on the funds, but not processing the SALE immediately.  There are two parts to a PRE-AUTHORIZATION PROCESS:

PART A. Open Pre-Authorization
Creates a new pre-authorization transaction, stopping short of closing or completing the transaction.

Part B. Close Pre-Authorization
The final step to completing a pre-authorization transaction, processing an open pre-authorization and closing the SALE. Pre-authorizations are only valid for 7 days from authorization date.

How to Open a Pre-Authorization – Part A: 

  1. Tap PRE-AUTH: This will present 3 options:  CANCEL, CURRENT and NEW PRE-AUTHORIZATIONS.
  2. Tap NEW PRE-AUTHORIZATION: This will allow you to enter the transaction and obtain the pre-authorization. To process, follow the normal procedures for entering a sale as you would normally.
  3. PRE-AUTHORIZATION COMPLETE: When the transaction is processed, a message will display stating PRE-AUTHROIZATION APPROVED – CHARGE NOW or SAVE. Selecting “Save” will complete Part A of the transaction and take you back to the Start Screen. Selecting CHARGE NOW will process the sale.

How to Close a Pre-Authorization – Part B: 

  1. Tap PRE-AUTH: This will present 3 options:  CANCEL, CURRENT and NEW PRE-AUTHORIZATIONS.
  2. Tap CURRENT PRE-AUTHORIZATION: This will display a list of all the currently open pre-authorizations.
  3. Select TRANSACTION: Select the transaction from the list to process
  4. Review TRANSACTION: Confirm that this is the correct information and amount for the SALE to be processed.  If you wish to change the amount, tap the TOTAL AMOUNT section to edit the SALE. Amount can only be changed to a lower value.
  5. Tap CHARGE: The transaction will begin processing.
  6.  PRE-AUTHORIZATION COMPLETE: When the sale is processed, a message will display stating PRE-AUTHORIZATION CHARGED.  This will complete the sales transaction.
How long is a “pre-authorization” good for?

Once you run a pre-authoriztion, you have five to seven days to complete the transaction using the original authorization. If you wait longer than that to complete the transaction, you’ll have to run a new authorization.

Voice Authorizations

If you’re unable to authorize a transaction through normal means, you can always call in a transaction and perform a voice authorization. Just call 800-944-1111 and follow the prompts. Keep in mind you’ll need your merchant account number found in your welcome email.

What is PhoneSwipe?

PhoneSwipe is a free mobile application and credit card reader that transforms your smartphone, iPad or tablet into a mobile point-of-sale terminal, allowing you to accept credit card payments anywhere you go.

What types of cards can be accepted with PhoneSwipe?

Credit cards for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express can be accepted with PhoneSwipe.

My PhoneSwipe app is not working on my mobile device. How can I fix it?

Typically you can get the PhoneSwipe app back to working status if you follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app from the iTunes app or Google Play stores.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the operating system for your device.  
  3. Make sure the volume on your device is all the way up.
  4. If the app is still not working the next thing to do is delete the app from your device and re-install it.

If the app still isn’t working call our support team at (877) 387-5629 and we’ll help you get the app up and running.

PhoneSwipe Card Reader

Can I order more than one card reader?

Yes, you can order as many card readers as you like. The first card reader is free. You can order additional credit card readers from National Bancard for $49.95 plus shipping by calling 1-877-387-5629.

You can order from us at a discounted price of only $39.95 plus shipping by calling (224) 677-0283 or click here to order online from our sister site

Does your equipment have a warranty?

Yes, it sure does. If the equipment is defective for any reason other than Merchant’s misuse or negligence, we’ll replace the defective equipment with comparable equipment which may be new or refurbished. We’ll even cover the shipping and handling fees for the replacement equipment. This warranty is good for one year.

Is the PhoneSwipe card reader encrypted?

Yes, the PhoneSwipe credit card reader provides “end to end” encryption for your transactions. At no point is credit card data stored on your mobile device or within the PhoneSwipe application.

Which devices are compatible?

If you don’t see your phone on the list below, contact customer service directly at 1-877-387-5629 to see if it’s been recently added.

Device Carrier
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPhone 3GS AT&T
iPhone 3G AT&T
iPhone 4 AT&T, Verizon
iPhone 4S AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
iPhone 5 AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
iPod Touch 3 Generation
iPod Touch 4 Generation
HTC Amaze 4G AT&T
HTC Desire US Cellular
HTC Eris Verizon
HTC EVO 4G Sprint
HTC EVO View 4G Sprint
HTC EVO Shift 4G Sprint
HTC EVO 3D Sprint
HTC G2 T-Mobile
HTC G-Slate T-Mobile
HTC Hero T-Mobile
HTC Incredible Verizon
HTC Incredible 2 Verizon
HTC Inspire 4G AT&T
HTC Jetstream AT&T
HTC Merge U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile
HTC MyTouch 3G Slide T-Mobile
HTC MyTouch 4G T-Mobile
HTC MyTouch 4G Slide T-Mobile
HTC Nexus One T-Mobile, AT&T
HTC Nexus One S AT&T
HTC Nexus One X AT&T
HTC Rezound Verizon
HTC Rhyme Verizon
HTC Sensation 4G T-Mobile
HTC Status AT&T
HTC Thunderbolt Verizon
HTC Wildfire S T-Mobile
Huawei Ascend II (M865) U.S. Cellular
Kyocera Echo Sprint
Kyocera Milano Sprint
LG Ally Verizon
LG Enlighten Verizon
LG G2X T-Mobile
LG G-Slate T-Mobile
LG Lucid Verizon
LG Marquee Sprint
LG Optimus S Sprint
LG Optimus T T-Mobile
LG Phoenix AT&T
LG Revolution Verizon
LG Thrill 4G AT&T
LG Viper 4G LTE AT&T
LG Vortex Verizon
Motorola Admiral Sprint
Motorola Atrix 4G AT&T
Motorola Bionic Verizon
Motorola Cliq 2 T-Mobile
Motorola Defy T-Mobile
Motorola Droid Verizon
Motorola Droid 2 Verizon
Motorola Droid 2 Global Verizon
Motorola Droid 3 Verizon
Motorola Droid 4 Verizon
Motorola PHOTON 4G Sprint
Motorola Droid Pro Verizon
Motorola RAZR Verizon
Motorola RAZR MAXX Verizon
Motorola Droid X Verizon
Motorola Droid Xyboard Verizon
Motorola Xoom Verizon, WIFI
Motorola Xoom 4G AT&T
Samsung Captivate Verizon
Samsung Continuum Verizon
Samsung Conqueror 4G Verizon
Samsung Droid Charge Verizon
Samsung Epic 4G Sprint
Samsung Exhilarate AT&T
Samsung Fascinate Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Indulge T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T
Samsung Galaxy S 4G T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Sprint
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket AT&T
Samsung Galaxy S III AT&T, Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Tab (3G) Sprint
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (4G) Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WIFI) Verizon, T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI
Samsung Gem Verizon
Samsung Illusion Verizon
Samsung Infuse 4G AT&T
Samsung Intercept Sprint
Samsung Nexus S AT&T
Samsung Nexus S 4G Sprint
Samsung Replenish Sprint
Samsung Rugby Smart AT&T
Samsung Sidekick 4G T-Mobile
Samsung Transform Sprint
Samsung Transform Ultra Sprint
Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile
Bold 9000 AT&T
Bold 9650 Verizon, Sprint
Bold 9700 AT&T, T-Mobile
Bold 9780 AT&T
Curve 2 8520 AT&T, T-Mobile
Curve 2 8530 Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular
Curve 3G 9330 Verizon, Sprint
Storm 2 9550 Verizon
Torch 9800 AT&T, Verizon, Sprint

Last updated 9.26.2012 ***If phone is not on list Merchant will have to Process transactions manually***

Do you offer expedited shipping for the card reader?

Yes, we do offer expedited shipping of the card reader if you need it.  Please call customer service at 877-387-5629 when you need expedited shipping for your first card reader


use the upgrade shipping option when ordering more swipers directly from us at



Do you have special rates for non-profits?

No we don’t offer special rates for non profits. Our standard rates are so good that we’re not able to lower the rates for any further.

Do you have to own a business to use PhoneSwipe?

No, you can sign up as a “sole proprietor” and use your personal name or a “doing business as” (DBA) for the business name. If you do sign up as a sole proprietor you will use your social security number for your business tax ID.

Do you report merchant revenue to the IRS?

Yes, we do. All credit card processors and sales organization are required to report merchants’ gross sales amount from settled transactions (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PIN debit, etc).

The Internal Service Revenue Code Section 6050W which was enacted by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 mandates this reporting for the calendar year of 2011, which will require forms to be filed in January 2012 with the IRS. Per the IRS’s definition, gross sales amount means the “total dollar amount of total reportable payment transactions for each participating payee without regard to any adjustments for credits, cash equivalents, discount amounts, fees, refunded amounts or any other amount.” ( The dollar amount of each transaction is determined on the date of the transaction.

Does offer e-Commerce Accounts?

Yes! offers beautiful custom e-Commerce websites. For more information please call 224-677-0283. We will be happy to help you get online with a beautiful robust e-commerce shopping cart website. You can also email us at

How do I get started?

Click on any “Get Started” Button on most of our web pages. You will see an application window pop-up and all you need to do is fill out that short form (usually no more than 3-4 minutes) and you will be on your way! Approvals are usually done the same day depending on when you applied. Yep! its that easy!

How long does it take to get set up?

Typically, it takes no more than 24 hours to have your PhoneSwipe account approved and set up.

Once the account is approved you’ll be sent an email with your PhoneSwipe app login credentials. Once you download the app and login you can begin manually keying in transactions immediately. The card reader is shipped the day the account is approved and arrives one to five days later, depending on where you’re located in the United States.

We do offer expedited shipping of the card reader if you need it. Please call customer service to arrange for expedited shipping at 1-877-387-5629.

How old do I have to be to get a PhoneSwipe account?

You have to be 18 years old to qualify for a merchant account. Otherwise, you need an adult to be the signer on your merchant acccount application.

What do I need to use Phone Swipe?

You’ll need:

1. An approved mobile device.
2. The PhoneSwipe app from the Apple App Store or Android Market.
3. A PhoneSwipe account from our website.

Once your account is setup we’ll send you an email with your login credentials for the PhoneSwipe application.

What documentation is required to sign up?

For most accounts we do not require any documentation. When you set up your account you’ll be asked a few quailfying questions that will allow us to confirm your identity. As long as you answer these questions correctly you will not need to supply any documentation.

When can I start using PhoneSwipe to accept credit cards?

Once your PhoneSwipe account is approved, you’ll receive an email with setup instructions and login credentials for the PhoneSwipe app. Once you login and setup your app you’ll be ready to run transactions right away. Typically, this means you’re able to accept credit cards the same day you sign up for an account.

Why do I need to provide a Social Security Number?

We are required by banking industry regulations and federal law to ask for the Social Security Number, date of birth and full name for each of our users. Even if you plan on using our services primarily for a business, we need that information to ensure the PhoneSwipe account holder is either a citizen of the United States, or a permanent resident of the United States. There is no way to create a PhoneSwipe account without providing a valid SSN.

In addition to your SSN, we also give you the opportunity to input your Employment Identification Number upon sign up. Having your PhoneSwipe account associated with your business EIN is advantageous when it comes to organizing and completing your taxes, and it helps us identify you as a business.

Do I have to apply for my merchant account through your website to use PhoneSwipe?

Yes, the PhoneSwipe application only works with merchant accounts we setup.

Where can I download the PhoneSwipe app from?

You can download the PhoneSwipe app at one of the following links:

Apple App Store here: PhoneSwipe
Google Play for Android devices here: PhoneSwipe
Blackberry App World here: PhoneSwipe

Where do I go to download PhoneSwipe for a BlackBerry phone?
You can download the PhoneSwipe app for BlackBerry here: PhoneSwipe for Blackberry
Where do I go to download PhoneSwipe for an Android phone?

You can find the PhoneSwipe app in the Android Market by clicking here: PhoneSwipe.

Who can use PhoneSwipe?

Anyone can use PhoneSwipe to accept credit card transactions. It’s a perfect application for Girl Scout cookie sales, food carts, hair salons and other businesses types large or small.

You don’t have to have a registered business, you can even setup the account in your own name if you like. Of course, we also setup accounts for corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and non-profits as well.