Mobile Credit Card Processing Rates and Pricing | Cheaper than Square | MobilePhoneSwiper

RATES, COSTS and BENEFITS – Why We Are Better!

– LOW 2.69% RATE – (lower than Square, PayPal Here, Intuit and More!)
– FREE 2in1 Bluetooth Chip Card and MagCard Card Reader!
– *NO Monthly Fees
– NO Contracts
– NO Minimums
– NO Cancellation Fees
– FREE Shipping
– 24 x 7 Live Merchant Account Support

* As long as you are using the account each month. (Even for just 1 single transaction – just do a small 10 cent transaction on your own credit card to keep the account active and eliminate the small monthly fee)
* Inactive accounts are charged a small $3.99 monthly fee.

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Lower rates, no monthly fees or any other costs other than transaction fees and 24 x 7 live merchant support, makes this one of the BEST and most affordable mobile credit card processing programs on the market today!

Researching your mobile payment processing programs is important. We know there are plenty of options out there. Why PhoneSwipe? Because we offer features and benefits that other’s can’t. You simply can not find a better mobile credit card processing solution. The pricing and features chart below will show you why MobilePhoneSwiper’s PhoneSwipe program is the best solution for your business.

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Swiped Rates 2.69% 2.75% + $0.30
Keyed and Non-Qualified Transactions 3.49% + $0.19 3.50% + $0.30
Rolling Holdbacks None Others such as Square up to 6 months!
Add Inventory and Pictures YES No
Add Customer Contact Info For Future Invoicing YES No
Customer Service and Support 24/7 live (toll-free number) Others such as Square only by email
Approval Time Typically Same Day Up to a week or more
Credit Card Reader Free and Free shipping too! $80+
*Monthly Fee *None (see above) $25+
Contracts  None Yes
Hidden Fees None Others May
Annual Fees None   Others May $100+    
Monthly Minimums None $35+
Cancellation Fee None Starting at $295+
PCI Compliance Fees None Starting at $100/yr+
Cash Transactions and Receipts Yes No
Authorizations Yes No
Auto GPS Sales Tax Calculation Yes No
Merchant Account Unique, individual, secure account May offer only one account shared by
thousands of merchants
Merchant Services Provider North American Bancard May not have backing from a provider