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Forced Transaction

A FORCED AUTHORIZATION is used when you are unable to process a sales transaction through the Phone Swipe. Forced Authorizations are only valid for 7 days from the authorization date.

How to Process a Voice Authorization:

  1. To obtain a forced authorization code:  You will need to call the toll-free number 800-944-1111 and follow the prompts ending with the receipt of an Authorization Code. Be sure to document this number along with the credit card number, expiration date and the total amount of the sale.
  2. Process a voice authorization transaction: Select Voice Authorization.
  3. Enter transaction information: Complete the transaction information requested including credit card number, expiration date, voice authorization code and the total amount of the sale.
  4. Enter authorization number: Enter the authorization number that was provided over the telephone.
  5. Tap CHARGE: This will process the authorized sale.  A message will display stating VOICE AUTHORIZATION COMPLETED.
  6. Tap OK: You will return to the Start Screen.


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