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Merchant Account Details

Your Merchant Account Details are available in the SETUP section of the APP MENU.  The Merchant Account contains the information used to register this device with your Merchant Account, including:

MERCHANT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (MID): Each merchant is assigned a unique Merchant ID number when their account is approved. If you do not have a merchant account, please contact today to get started.
LOGIN ID: A unique number provided in your Welcome Email that will auto-populate based on account login
VENDOR NAME: The name of your merchant account provider, Phone Swipe.
ACCEPTED CARDS: A list of the card types you can accept.
TERMINAL ID: Terminal ID can be found on the inside lable of your card reader and starts with S/N T.
RE-NAME TERMINAL (OPTIONAL): Allows you to assign a specific name to a terminal (use for merchant with multi-terminals)
APP SECURITY PASSWORD: The Security PASSWORD is used to lock or unlock the App and is required to open the App. PASSWORD must be 5-digits.
APP SECURITY PASSWORD HINT: This is a hint that will be displayed when an incorrect PASSWORD is entered 3 times consecutively.
SECURITY QUESTION: The Security Question is a question and answer you select that will be asked when you cannot answer the PASSWORD Hint.
SECURITY QUESTION ANSWER: Your answer to the security question.


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