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Options Setup

The Options section of the App Menu gives you access to a number of important factors that apply to the operation and transaction of the App:

TIP OPTION: Turning the Tip Option ON will include the ability for customers to add a tip to a sale prior to processing the transaction. With tip off, no tipping is included when processing Sales.
TIP DEFAULT %: You can select what the default Tip % is when the Tipping screen is presented to your customer.  Select from 10%, 15%, 18%, 25% or None (0%).
SALES TAX RATE: You can set your local Total Sales Tax Rate to be added to all transactions.  The Sales Tax Rate is composed with 4 dials to set a rate anywhere between 0.000% and 50.999%. Example: 8.500 = 8.500%; 10.125 = 10.125%
RELOCK APP TIME: The App will revert to a Locked state after a set period of time.  You may enter a time between 0 and 30 minutes or never.  Once the app locks, you will need to enter your PIN to open it again if one was set up.
E-MAIL RECEIPT OPTION: You can elect to turn ON or OFF the option of offering your customers a receipt to be delivered from the App via e-mail.  Turning the option ON will include a receipt screen after the transaction is processed.
REQUIRED SIGNATURE FOR TRANSACTIONS BELOW $25.00: Choose to have customers sign for transactions under $25 by selecting ON. Note – all transactions over $25 are required to have a signature.


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