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A PRE-AUTHORIZATION allows you to prepare a SALE, placing a hold on the funds, but not processing the SALE immediately.  There are two Parts in a PRE-AUTHORIZATION PROCESS:

PART A. Open Pre-Authorization
Creates a new pre-authorization transaction, stopping short of closing or completing the transaction.

Part B. Close Pre-Authorization
The final step to completing a pre-authorization transaction, processing an open pre-authorization and closing the SALE. Pre-authorizations are only valid for 7 days from authorization date.

How to Open a Pre-Authorization – Part A:

  1. Tap PRE-AUTH: This will present 3 options:  CANCEL, CURRENT and NEW PRE-AUTHORIZATIONS.
  2. Tap NEW PRE-AUTHORIZATION: This will allow you to enter the transaction and obtain the pre-authorization. To process, follow the normal procedures for entering a sale as you would normally.
  3. PRE-AUTHORIZATION COMPLETE: When the transaction is processed, a message will display stating PRE-AUTHROIZATION APPROVED – CHARGE NOW or SAVE. Selecting “Save” will complete Part A of the transaction and take you back to the Start Screen. Selecting CHARGE NOW will process the sale.

How to Close a Pre-Authorization – Part B:

  1. Tap PRE-AUTH: This will present 3 options:  CANCEL, CURRENT and NEW PRE-AUTHORIZATIONS.
  2. Tap CURRENT PRE-AUTHORIZATION: This will display a list of all the currently open pre-authorizations.
  3. Select TRANSACTION: Select the transaction from the list to process
  4. Review TRANSACTION: Confirm that this is the correct information and amount for the SALE to be processed.  If you wish to change the amount, tap the TOTAL AMOUNT section to edit the SALE. Amount can only be changed to a lower value.
  5. Tap CHARGE: The transaction will begin processing.
  6.  PRE-AUTHORIZATION COMPLETE: When the sale is processed, a message will display stating PRE-AUTHORIZATION CHARGED.  This will complete the sales transaction.


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